BSB Thruxton Round 7

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We’re now past the half way point of the 2015 BSB Championship and I was excited about getting to Thruxton as it is labelled fastest track in the UK and from the race replays I’d been watching it looked like a massive amount of side ways fun! As it was the first time that I have laid rubber on the circuit so I thought I best lay some bicycle rubber before heading out to punish tyres on the superbike!

The track layout itself was not difficult to learn as it is very open. The speed at which you attack the fast corners though is incredible quite similar in a way to Phillip Island but with a hell of a lot more bumps and no actual straights.

Day one was always going to be a big learning curve for myself as I needed to adjust to the high speed nature of the track and also commit to the constant wheel spinning moments while learning how to avoid the majority of the larger bumps and cracks in the track. At a track of this high speed nature you really need to be 100% committed to produce a competitive lap time. After a handful of setting changes I was able to start to get comfortable on the 2nd days free practice session getting to within 2.3 seconds of pole position.


To put this track into a little perspective for you. Around 2 to 2.5 kilometres of this track is spent in 4th gear on the edge to middle of the rear tyre with the front travelling up to 50 km/h slower than the rear! It’s regarded as one of the more exciting tracks to ride on a 225 horse power superbike with zero traction control. I was looking forward to testing two of the softer option rear tyres in the qualifying session one as the track requires as much grip as possible to produce a lap time. Unfortunately on my second flying lap we ran into an engine problem that was caused by the nature of the high speed track that ended our day.

The PR Racing team did an amazing job to have our spare engine in the bike ready for the Sunday mornings warm up. Warm up started fairly well, I was more comfortable with the bit in the faster sections of track and was starting to build confidence in the bike again. But as our luck has been lately we ran into another technical problem which left us without a spare engine for the two Sunday races. With massive disappointment we had to pack up for the weekend and put all our focus into Cadwell park which will be run in 3 weeks time.

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters for your messages and ongoing support. It’s been a tough opening run to the season but as you all know, I don’t give up when the going gets tough. Everything worth winning is worth working for!