Deluxe Day 2 at the Island Classic

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Some amazing results in Day 2 at the Island Classic with all the hard work of the team paying off and Jed really starting to show what the SORD Katana has to offer. Jed was wrapt with the bike’s performance but still a little suss on the unfamiliar smell of oil in the air you get when mixing it up with these guys. Even dealing with that he managed a new best lap on the 34 year old SORD Katana of 1:38.373 hitting 275kmh through the speed trap down the main straight.

Race 1 International ChallengeDSC_2395A

Race 1 saw the Aussies take 3 of the first 4 places, a top effort by the boys!

1st Shawn Giles (Aus)
2nd Jeremy McWilliams (UK)
3rd Cam Donald (Aus)
4th Jed Metcher (Aus)

Race 2 International Challenge

Race 2 wasn’t so great for the Aussies with Cam Donald dropping out after the second lap, Gilesy not starting. Jed hit led from lap 2 before being passed by McWilliams on the rocketship Harris F1 down the straight in lap 5. Jed stuck with him all the way to the finish though, crossing the line just 0.199 seconds behind McWilliams, finishing second and smashing his previous best lap with a 1:37.782. It was a ripper of a race and mate we went off!

1st Jeremy McWilliams (UK)
2nd Jed Metcher (Aus)
3rd Paul Young (Aus)
4th Ryan Farquhar (UK)


Jed now 2nd Overall

Jed’s Race 1 and 2 result have put him in second place in the International Challenge Ken Wooton Perpetual points table. With 76 points, Jed is just 3 points behind Jeremy McWilliams and 5 points in front of Brendan Roberts from South Africa. It ain’t over yet and Sunday is going to be a thriller!

20150124_093323AMore in the SORD Katana yet!

The Katana is on song engine wise but we’ve still got plenty of room for improvement with suspension setup.

Our soon to be patented FD-83 super lightweight springless air suspension worked a treat even if it did freak some of the opposition out when Jed was passing them around the outside through Lukey heights.

No frothies for the boys Saturday night. Daz had some ideas that saw Mal machining parts into the night. He jumped in the van and drove to Ken Onus’ Megacycle workshop at Somerville where he plans to machine up some howya goins to lengthen the whatsits and raise the rear ride height. Meanwhile Daz and Matty drove back to Race Center for more Dyno testing on the RC10.

Worse comes to worse if we don’t get the RC10 finished in time for the WSBK wildcard we reckon we’ll use this sucker instead.

20150124_154414ACheck out the deluxe Pirellis!

Yes these are standard Pirelli Supercorsa SC0’s. Check out the wear! Phenomenal! The tyre looks like it’s just been round for a scrub in, not just having done full race distance around Phillip Island on a 170+ HP beast held together with water pipe doing  1:37 lap times!

Last day today

It’s your last chance to get down and catch the racing today. Get down there if you’re not already, it’s an amazing event, with some awesome machinery and some great people, you’ll have a blast.

Pictures courtesy of Deus Images