WSBK Final test session – We love a challenge

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We wanted a challenge and today we most certainly got our wish granted. We’d like to personally thank the motorcycle gods for delivering them in absolute¬†in spades.

Having lost most of the morning session due to electrical issues, we still had a few electrical issues persist into session 2. We worked our ring off to overcome them once again which we did, however that severely limited the time we hoped to devote to setup adjustment allowing Jed to push closer to our lap time objectives.

Jed throughout the whole day though has proven himself once again the ultimate professional. Remaining calm and positive throughout the whole ordeal, providing the team with great feedback to help us overcome the issues. The man is a legend.

We also couldn’t have gotten through it all without the teamwork of the Race Center crew. You’re all legends too but there’s no rest for you lot. We’ve got work to do boys!